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Davvenen' Leadership
Training Institute

DLTI is a skill-building, heart and soul- opening Training Intensive in the Art of Public Prayer 

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“I've finally found the right teachers! 
As I learn from you,
I grow closer to being the rabbi I want to become.”

Prayer can be electric and alive. Prayer can touch the soul, burst forth a creative celebration of the spirit and open deep wells of gratitude, longing and praise.

Prayer can connect us to our Living Source and to each other, enfolding us in love and praise, wonder and gratitude, awe and thankfulness.

Communal prayer can activate the  body, touch the heart, engage the mind and nourish genuine spiritual growth and insight. 

Jewish prayer in its essence is soul dialogue and calls us into relationship within and beyond. 

We intuitively know when group prayer is working: Through the power of ancient words and melodies we venture into realms of deep emotion and find longing, sorrow, hope, wholeness, connection and peace. 

When guided by skilled leaders of prayer and ritual, our complacency is challenged, we break through outworn assumptions about God and ourselves, and emerge refreshed and inspired to meet the challenges our lives offer." 


The training is a two-year program consisting of four five-day residential retreats and Zoom sessions.

Retreat participants become a living and learning fellowship — deeply engaged in the practice and process of communal prayer and ritual. Throughout each retreat the group joins with core faculty and master-teachers in ongoing davvenen, text study, group discussions and coaching.

DLTI-12 Dates

Week 1 - Mon July 31- Sun Aug 6 (Tisha B’av is July 26-27), 2023

Week 2 - Wednesday  Feb 14 - Monday (Pres Day) Feb 19, 2024

Week 3 - Mon, July 29 - Sun, Aug 4 (Tisha B’av - Aug 12/13), 2024

Week 4 - Wednesday Feb 12 - Monday (Pres Day) Feb 17, 2025

DLTI-13 will begin in the summer of 2025.
Dates are yet to be determined.
Applications will open in the summer of 2024.
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