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What is the schedule of retreats? 

The dates for DLTI-12 are

Week 1 - Mon July 31- Sun Aug 6 (Tisha B’av is July 26-27), 2023

Week 2 - Wednesday  Feb 14- Monday (Pres Day) Feb 19, 2024

Week 3 - Mon, July 29- Sun, Aug 4 (Tisha B’av- Aug 12/13), 2024

Week 4 - Wednesday Feb 12- Monday (Pres Day) Feb 17, 2025

Where are the retreats held?

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center has been our spiritual home and our host for many wonderful years!  Visit their site to view their facilities and lodging choices.

What is the price per retreat?

DLTI and Isabella Freedman are committed to making this program sustainable and affordable. The cost per retreat is the total of tuition and lodging, so it varies depending upon the style of lodging you choose.  Lodging options for each retreat can be as low as $350 and go up to $1,450.  All rooms are clean, neat, comfortable, and the food is delicious "farm-to-table" kosher vegetarian.  Tuition per retreat week is $800, with some scholarship aid available for both. Travel costs are not included.

What level of experience do I need?

There are no prerequisites for participating.  DLTI is designed to be useful and engagaging for beginning davveners and experienced leaders. 

How observant do I need to be?

We welcome participants of all levels of observance.

Have other questions?  Contact us below!
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