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Rabbi Oren Steinitz

"Get ready for four weeks of intense master classes with the best teachers you can find. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you’ll never pray the same way again."

Eden Pearlstein

“This 'live-time coaching' was by far the most radical expression of 'experiential education' that I have yet experienced."

Rabbinic Pastor Heena Reiter

"DLTI was an in-the-body, Live Time experience, so that what I learned remains imprinted within me."

"Long held beliefs that limited me started to crack so that I became authentic."  Reb Chaya Learner

“DLTI gave me a new lease on my spiritual life. It is a laboratory for creativity, spirituality, and joy, with a great chevra and lessons that I carry to every part of my ministry. Plus – I met my wife there!”  Hazzan Matthew Austerklein 

"Phenomenal!  Rebs Marcia and Shawn created a holy Mishkan and filled it with surprises galore!  Each one of us grew our leadership skills, but more importantly, we deepened our authenticity from which truly powerful leadership emerges.” 

"Everywhere I daven in the Jewish world, I take DLTI with me.  I can still hear so many of the voices of my rebbes and fellow students who encouraged me to become a lover and a true practitioner of davenology. My prayer life, both as a shaliach tzibur and from the pews, has never been stronger. DLTI was a turning point and a game changer.  To this day, there are few things I enjoy more than talking about tefila and how to make it more alive. DLTI really birthed that version of me."  Reb Ezra Weinberg

“After 27 years in the rabbinate, I was thrilled to pick up new jewels from you.  We are instituting a lot of what I learned at DLTI at our congregation as we enter this new year with renewed excitement and joy.”  

"Nothing short of miraculous!  That’s my shortest blurb. But I also want to say:  Visionary! Inspiring!  Brought my service/davenning leadership to a whole new level.  I’ve never felt so much at home in a Jewish space — how good it was to be surrounded by wrestlers, seekers, and magical singers.  To watch the teachers is to watch a maestro at work, each day bringing us higher and higher.  I think you get the picture. I could go on all day and mean every word of it."

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